HARE & BONE BRITISH HAIRDRESSING AWARDS 2017 – Artistic Team Finalist Collection – November 2016

19 Jan 2017


This collection is inspired by the idea of inclusiveness and a genderless attitude. It’s not even about being unisex its about sex or sexuality being non specific or irrelevant.

We have taken inspiration from the 90’s interpretation of 70’s shapes and updated them with the HARE & BONE signature effortless finish.

We are intrinsically inspired by editorial hair, continuously striving to find a balance between technicality and beautiful wearable hair.

We have explored and played with ideas of silhouettes, balance and texture.


We organically developed a working ethos, “Tech-Trilogy”. The foundations approaching our work stems from a fundamental discipline, technicality. Three is our magic number as we strive for unity between cut, colour and finish. Above all we believe in beauty and the freedom of expression. “Hairdressers are artists and hair is our canvas”

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