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Every HARE & BONE client is enrolled automatically in our innovative ‘Hare Miles’ loyalty plan. A client will earn Hare Miles based upon the salon services that they purchase.

Hare Mile Rewards will be earned for achieving annual Hare Mile point thresholds.

There is also a Hare Miles tier level where clients become members of the HARE & BONE ‘Beehive’ Club. Membership of the Beehive Club is based on the cumulative Hare Miles earned by a client from all of their visits to the salon.

We will keep track of each client’s Hare Miles and emails will be sent notifying clients of their Hare Mile balance and any Hare Mile Rewards that have been earned.

More detailed terms and conditions of our Hare Miles programme are set out below.

Hare Mile Points

A client will earn one Hare Mile for every £1 spent on all cutting and colour services during each 12 month period (a ‘Hare Miles Year’) from the date of the client’s first cutting and/or colour service with HARE & BONE.

In addition, a client will earn 100 bonus Hare Miles for each new client that they introduce to HARE & BONE under our ‘Share a Friend’ scheme, with the bonus Hare Miles being credited once the new client makes their first purchase of services.

The Hare Miles earned by a client during a Hare Miles Year will be reset to zero at the end of that year and the Hare Miles Rewards that have been earned can then be used the client during the 12 months following the end of the year. Any Hare Mile Rewards that are not used during that 12 month period will lapse.

However, all Hare Miles earned by a client by purchasing salon services and treatments will continue to accumulate for the purpose of determining when the tier level for membership of the HARE & BONE Beehive Club is achieved.

Hare Mile Rewards

REWARD LEVEL 1 (500 to 1000 Hare Miles per year)

  • A 10% reduction from the client’s service bill for the whole of the year following the end of the Hare Miles Year (‘Reward Year’) when the Hare Miles Reward Level was achieved
  • the 10% reduction does not apply on Saturdays or during December

REWARD LEVEL 2 (1000 plus Hare Miles per year)

  • The same as Reward Level 1; PLUS
  • one complimentary Kérstase Fusio Express Treatment
  • one colour upgrade (for example, upgrade a half balayage to a full balayage)
  • The 10% service bill reduction does not apply on Saturdays or during December
HARE & BONE Beehive Club (2500 plus Hare Miles per year)
  • a 10% reduction from the client’s service bill for the whole of the year following Reward Year with no booking restrictions
  • a 10% reduction on retail (excluding electrical goods)
  • two  complimentary Kérstase Indulgent Treatments
  • one colour upgrade ( see Reward Level 2)

Hare Miles Additional Terms and Conditions

The Hare Miles programme is made available to clients subject to the following additional terms and conditions:-

  • HARE & BONE reserves the right to without notice to alter or amend the terms & conditions of the Hare Miles programme.
  • Hare Miles earned are not transferable.
  • Use of Hare Miles Rewards will also be subject to availability and appointments must be booked directly with the HARE & BONE Front of House team, making it clear at the time of booking that it is being made using the client’s Hare Miles Reward.
  • Hare Miles have no cash value and they can only be redeemed for salon services on the basis detailed above.

Clients can be assured that we recognise your trust is fundamental to the value of the programme, therefore we are committed to protecting your privacy. As such, all private information relating to clients that we have in possession will only ever be used for the purposes of managing the Hare Miles programme and conducting HARE & BONE’s salon business.

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