Hardcore Happiness by Amelia Evans

23 Dec 2023

I took inspiration from the 90s rave culture, with the energy of a street-style photographic story.  Colour is inspired by the effects of club light and lasers hitting the hair – bold panels and shine bands all wrapped up with a rooted DIY attitude.

Hair: Amelia Evans, HARE & BONE
Photographer – Jack Eames
Stylist – Masha Mombelli
MUA – Faye Marie

Award Win for Sam Burnett

5 Dec 2023

This afternoon Sam added a new hairdressing award to the HARE & BONE portfolio. He won Snapshot Image of the Year at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Awards. Held in The Londoner Hotel, Sam was surrounded by industry peers, friends and colleagues as he was announced the 2024 winner!

INCISE – Jamie Benny’s British Hairdressing Awards 2023 – Finalist Collection

22 Nov 2023

This collection explores the idea of bi-levels in the hair. To showcase the personality and individuality of each look and model, the hair has been created with a tiered structure in colour and shape. The combination of strong carved sections with soft details sets this collection alight.

Hair: Jamie Benny, Artistic Director
Photography: Jack Eames
MUA: Faye Marie
Clothes: Masha Mombelli

Harecore Happiness

13 Oct 2023

As fashion week wrapped up, the HARE & BONE Art Team were invited to Chicago to present 10 looks at a global hair conference. Sam, Jamie and Amelia created the hair that was then showcased to over 25,000 people. Taking inspiration from the European club scene, the team produced a catwalk show during the three-day international hairdressing event, before flying back to celebrate our Esher salon’s fifth birthday.

“The team and I had an incredible experience delivering our latest collection ‘Hardcore Happiness’ in Chicago. The concept of the show was inspired by the underground rave scene of the 90s and currently spreading across Europe. We looked to Berlin for inspiration and incorporated a slight goth tone to the collection. We opened the catwalk show with a feeling of oppression and conforming, staged to look like models queueing outside Berghain. The colours we used on the hair were deep and oily but then we pulled the wigs off on stage to showcase strong, textured 00s-inspired cuts The show was all about self-expression, and the colour work was inspired by lights and lasers of a club, representing that sense of release you feel when lost in music.”

London Fashion Week

25 Sep 2023

As LFW week comes to a close, we take a look at another very special show Sam Burnett was lead stylist on for Vin + Omi. The sustainable, anti-establishment duo, who was recently named the UK’s ‘most interesting fashion designers’ by The Wardrobe Crisis showcased their latest offering at One Hundred Shoreditch. Inspired by the punk movement, Sam and his team of season stylists created bold looks that added further drama to the show.

Sam Burnett:
“Creating such directional hair looks for Vin + Omi is always a real pleasure, especially as we’re supporting designers working sustainably, spreading such a positive message in the fashion world. The looks themselves were created with some intricate graphic braiding that was extended through length, punk-inspired liberty spikes and classic mohawk shapes. It’s always great to be at the forefront of London Fashion Week creating trends and influencing movement within hair.”

London Hairdresser of the Year finalist!

18 Aug 2023

It’s that time of year again when every hairdresser in the country holds their breath while continuously refreshing their inbox. The finalists for our industry’s biggest award ceremony have been announced and our very own Jamie Benny has finalised for London Hairdresser of the Year. This is one of the hardest categories to enter at the British Hairdressing Awards and he’s only gone and finalised! Judged by a prestigious group of press, industry icons and peers, Jamie made it through the first round and now sits beside five other creative hopefuls. He will submit four further photographic images that are judged alongside his first four to create a collection of work. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in November so we need to hold our breath for a little longer.

‘I’m grateful to have the opportunity to enter these awards. They are considered the pinnacle of our industry and to have the support of Sam and the team is something I never take for granted. Persistence is the key to success, so many years of hard work go into a moment when creating a collection. Progress is never a straight line and I always try to be better. I’m extremely grateful to be a finalist and happy to see what the evening will bring.’
Jamie Benny Artistic Director, HARE & BONE

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