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17 Mar 2023

We’re excited to welcome Stacy Odwell to our salon team.  Stacy is a natural extensions specialist and her brand of unique hand-tied extensions has gained her a celebrity clientele. From today Stacy will be in our Esher salon every Wednesday and is a great addition to the team. Sam caught up with her to find out more.

Sam: How does it feel to be working with HARE & BONE?
Stacy: I am thrilled to be joining the team. Your instinctive, fashion-focused and bespoke approach perfectly complements my unique brand of natural, hand-tied extensions. We share the same vision to create beautiful hair that works with an individual’s bone structure and aesthetic. I’m particularly excited about our colour partnership. Your colourists create luxe, high-shine colour that blends seamlessly, and working together, I’ve no doubt the results will be phenomenal.

Sam: What is it about extensions that made you want to specialise in them?
Stacy: Around 20 years ago, my mum’s hair started thinning temporarily after a stressful event. As I was in the hair and beauty industry I naturally looked for a solution. I spent months researching and decided to take a course in hair extensions. I studied all the various techniques and eventually found that the natural-looking results of hand-tied wefts were far superior to anything else so I created my own techniques to fit the wefts. As well as giving my mum her confidence back, I became hooked after seeing the self-esteem boost if gave to my clients. 

Sam: What advice would you give any of our clients interested in hair extensions but concerned about commitment and aftercare?
Stacy: There are a variety of options on the market and to achieve the natural and ‘real’ look we see on celebrities, hand-tied wefts really are the gold standard. The good news with hand-tied wefts is, they are relatively low maintenance. The weft is fitted to your head seamlessly and acts like a veil of hair, my clients tell me they can hardly even feel it’s there. You wash your hair as normal and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry for a smoother look. I advise clients to keep on top of their conditioning treatments with a hair mask once a week and add in a leave-in hair oil from time to time to keep it shiny and well-nourished. The weft needs refitting anywhere between every 6 – 8 weeks but the highest-grade quality hair can last years, so you’re only paying for the refit which makes it an economically sound option too.

Sam: And if someone is interested in having extensions, what is the next step?
Stacy: The best way to go about exploring whether it’s right for you is to book a consultation. As part of that consultation, we’ll discuss your lifestyle,  your hair habits and needs and the look you’re hoping to achieve. I always welcome you to bring in images of the look you’re inspired by. This is your chance to raise any questions, so come prepared. 

Thanks, Stacy, I’m sure you’ll be a busy addition to the salon.


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