London Fashion Week

25 Sep 2023

As LFW week comes to a close, we take a look at another very special show Sam Burnett was lead stylist on for Vin + Omi. The sustainable, anti-establishment duo, who was recently named the UK’s ‘most interesting fashion designers’ by The Wardrobe Crisis showcased their latest offering at One Hundred Shoreditch. Inspired by the punk movement, Sam and his team of season stylists created bold looks that added further drama to the show.

Sam Burnett:
“Creating such directional hair looks for Vin + Omi is always a real pleasure, especially as we’re supporting designers working sustainably, spreading such a positive message in the fashion world. The looks themselves were created with some intricate graphic braiding that was extended through length, punk-inspired liberty spikes and classic mohawk shapes. It’s always great to be at the forefront of London Fashion Week creating trends and influencing movement within hair.”

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