5 Jan 2023

My inspiration came from the shapes, colours and tones formed during the season of autumn. Combined with my interest for high fashion and beauty, I blended autumnal textures and earth tones with a beauty element to create Foragé.

My favourite image from this collection is Sophie with the red and black haircut. It embodies everything about the collection that I was trying to achieve, which was to create a look that enhances their bone structure and personality. Sophie’s hair was designed specifically for the tails with a strong, bold shape that reflects her as a person.

Emma’s look, the copper and white braids were created using a contrasting piece of elastic braided and weaved through the hair and moulded into shape to suit her. I’m really happy with how this worked out. And with Anna’s look, I wanted to produce highly contrasting colours that enhanced the shape of the haircut.

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