Butterfly Bobs

5 Feb 2024

The Butterfly Bob is the latest adaptation of the classic bob. It’s more relaxed, has more layers and includes the addition of a curtain fringe that frames around the eyes or cheekbones depending on length. Artistic Director, Jamie Benny, explains who this suits best. 

“This is a versatile style that can be shaped to suit all hair textures. The purpose of the Butterfly Bob is to create a heart-shaped face, through the framing of the front layering which means it can also be tailored to all face shapes. If you love the shape but are not willing to go shorter, then consider keeping the length but adding the curtain fringe that travels from the bridge of the nose, curving around the cheekbones to open the face and narrow the jaw area.

the style is also very versatile, which adds to its popularity. Jenna Ortega has a straight version that enhances the shape of the cut and Zendaya wore hers with a more glamorous edge. She has less of a fringe but still the rounded shape frames her face. the best thing about styling the Butterfly Bob, because of the layering, framing and texture, is that even with different hair types, textures and densities, the shape can be structured so that it is easy to style at home. It should be cut to enhance the natural form and structure of your hair so it’s simple to maintain.”

If you would like to know more about the Butterfly Bob or any style refresh, book a complimentary consultation and our team will be happy to chat through the best options for you, your hair and your lifestyle.

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