Tommy Taylor

Senior Stylist

Tommy-TaylorTommy has been hairdressing since 2003, working alongside some of the industry’s finest award winning stylists. He has gained a wealth of experience from salon work, fashion shows, photo shoots and as part of an internationally respected academy teaching at the highest standards. Tommy has now arrived at HARE & BONE where he feels a great belonging and excitement to be a part of such an inspiring team. Tommy is a pure cutter and a HARE & BONE educator.

His exceptional foundation skills and knowledge of precision work enable Tommy to create a bespoke look of the highest quality for every client. When it comes to customer service Tommy’s philosophy is clear: – “Customer service comes from the heart. If you’re the most caring loving person you can possibly be, then to serve someone comes naturally”

Personal Statement

“I love creating wearable looks to match the image, personality of each of my clients, letting natural beauty shine through. I put love into everything I do. I see my job as an opportunity to connect, make people feel great, confident and special.”

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