Salon Stylist

At HARE & BONE, client appreciation is at the core of our ethos and Sophia J embodies this with genuine and compassionate connection. Empowering and educating clients, Sophia J ensures that you’ll leave the salon not only with great hair but with the knowledge and confidence to effortlessly maintain your look between appointments. ‘I’m a big believer in making time each client deserves. To communicate effectively is to actively listen. Once I fully understand the needs and expectations of my client, then I can begin creating the desired result that will work for them.’

Through years of dedication and extensive training, Sophia J has honed her skills in the art of cutting, styling, and editorial work. Shooting for Vogue or creating looks for premiers and weddings, Sophia embraces the individuality of each client. She specialises in cutting curly texture and afro hair and provides practical solutions for everyday hair care.

Personal Statement

“I love the transformation process, specifically when the client says they never thought their hair could be like this! Getting to know your client and how you can make such positive changes in how they feel about themselves is the most rewarding part of being a stylist. Helping someone find their inner glam is what I’m here for.”

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