Rebecca Counsell aka ‘Becky’

Art Director & Colour Expert

Becky-CounsellBecky is passionate about all aspects of hairdressing and approaches all her work with creativity and professionalism.
Becky’s forte lies in colour as she holds a degree in colour and is a Goldwell Colour Specialist. She is a true pioneer who is constantly predicting trends and creating new colour techniques. However, Becky’s talents don’t stop there.

She is an accomplished cutter and finisher, which has led to Becky being a finalist as Southern Hairdresser of the Year at the highly prestigious British Hairdressing Awards and working back stage at London Fashion Week. Becky also teaches internationally and her work has graced the pages of Glamour magazine on several occasions.

Personal Statement

“I feel that good customer service is being attentive to all the needs of a client, listening to what they wish to achieve and being truly honest about what is achievable. This will create the client trust that will enable me to work towards their desired goal. It is imperative for me to focus on the positives of a client’s hair and work to enhance it.

I love my job as it allows me to connect totally with people. The trust that people give when they allow me to work on their personal appearance is amazing. It is an honour and a privilege to be in such a position. “

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