Master Stylist – Colour & Cut

José’s talent for hairdressing and styling is what he uses to connect with people. Understanding the value in giving a client unrivalled customer service, the level you would love to receive yourself, has allowed him to build long, full and lasting relationships. 

This is of the upmost importance to him as these connections along with those made with his fellow HARE & BONE stylists are what he values most from his successful career in the industry so far. Modestly, José states colouring and styling as his passions and areas of expertise. Previously fulfilling the role of core educator for these fields showcases his true excellence and love for hairdressing. José’s approach to his craft is at first, methodical. He aims to understand skills completely from theory through to application when he can then experiment with the knowledge gained to create bespoke techniques and results for his clients.

Fulfilling a career long goal, Jose has been honoured as a member of the highly regarded 2020/21 Fellowship F.A.M.E team. He also works closely with the Hare & Bone Art Team, contributing towards industry shows, Award entries and the salon campaign shoots.

Personal Statement

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. It is only once you have learned the techniques to the best of your ability that you can then begin to shape your own creative flair and approach.”

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