ART DIRECTOR – Colour & Cut

Jamie is the HARE & BONE Company Art Director, responsible for the creative development of stylists across both our London and new Esher salon locations.

With a twelve years in the wealth of industry experience under his belt, Jamie is passionate and excited about hair as well as sharing his unparalleled knowledge with others. Whether this be aiding the development of team members in their own careers or helping a client understand their own hair and how to care for it and recreate salon professional styles; the mentoring aspect of the industry is an incredibly important element of Jamie’s role.

“Brightening up someones day by making them feel special is easily done with a smile and genuine conversation” says Jamie. Considering ‘finishing’ as one of his strengths, Jamie loves to see a clients reaction in the mirror as he pulls together the final look. “Seeing their appreciation when the full transformation is complete is a unique and rewarding feeling”.

An Winner of ‘It Guy’ 2019 finalist for 2017 as well as the British Hairdressing art team award winner 2017 along with many others in previous years, Jamie’s industry achievements proceed him as he continues to excite the industry with authentic, genuine enthusiasm.

Personal Statement

“I love to do hair! It’s my passion and purpose. Being versatile enough to be creative or confident in executing more classic looks is important when becoming a respected stylist as adapting to a clients needs is a must. I make sure I treat each client with the same consideration and thoughtfulness as I would expect myself. Throughout my whole career, I am proud to say I have dedicated my all to each and every client I’ve had an appointment with.”

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