DIRECTOR – Colour & Cut

H&B-AmyAmy is an accomplished cutting expert and an instinctive hair-up specialist. These skills have lead to Amy working with high-end designer brands including a regular and long standing relationship with Tom Ford.

Amy’s true passion is working in the salon with her extensive regular client base where she can express her individual and creative brilliance. A bespoke and honest approach to customer service and clear communication is at the heart of Amy’s working philosophy.

Personal Statement

“Listening carefully to understand a client’s concerns, their particular needs and making them feel comfortable is extremely important to me. The hairdresser and client relationship is built on trust. Clients should feel confident that they can always rely on our skills and discretion.”

“I have grown so much since I first started out on my hairdressing career. Working alongside so many talented people has given me the experience to develop and grow my skillset. Hairdressing is my passion and each day brings new excitement and the chance to build relationships with clients and fellow team members.”

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